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Biomnitrix Unleashed - Eye Echo

Bullet; GreenName: Eye Echo
Bullet; GreenFusion between:  Eye Guy and Echo Echo.
Bullet; GreenSpecies:  ½ Opticoids ½ Sonorosian (Sonoptocoids).
Bullet; GreenPlanet:  Sightra/Sonorosia.

Bullet; GreenAbilities:  
  • Is a little strong and durable than Echo Echo.
  • He shout powerful beams from all his eyes.
  • Has acute sense of hearing
  • Can see from all angles of his body.
  • Can combine all his eyes into one big eye that unleashes a powerful ray
  • Can unleash powerful sonic screams.
  • Can be cloned himself.
  • Can use his screams for sound barriers, sounding board, echolocation, and trasnmite his screams in speaker and telephones.

Bullet; GreenWeaknesses: 
  • Any irritant or strong odor can irritate his eyes and affect his vision.
  • His ears are sensitive to strong sounds.
  • Given his sensitive ears, the sonic screams of the clones can affect each other.
  • The clones should again be one before trasnform back to Ben or some other alien, otherwise each clone will have multiple personalities.
  • If a clone is hurt can't recover some transformations later.
  • As his clones are made of silicon, they could explode due to a powerful beam.
Conmissioned by :iconjsh66xx:


Bullet; GreenNombre: Ojo Eco.
Bullet; GreenFusión entre:  Multi Ojos Eco Eco.
Bullet; GreenEspecies:  ½ Opticoids ½ Sonorosian (Sonoptocoids).
Bullet; GreenPlanetas:  Sightra/Sonorosia.

Bullet; GreenHabilidades:  
  • Es un poco fuerte y resistente que Eco Eco.
  • Dispara rayos de cada uno sus ojos.
  • Tiene un sentido agudo del oido.
  • Puede ver desde todos los ángulos de su cuerpo.
  • Puede combinar todos sus ojos en un gran ojo que desata un poderoso rayo.
  • Puede soltar fuertes gritos sonicos.
  • Puede hacer muchos clones de si mismo.
  • Puede utilizar sus gritos para crear barreras de sonido, resonancia, ecolocalización, y trasnmite sus gritos en altavoces y teléfonos.

Bullet; GreenDebilidades: 
  • Cualquier sustancia irritante o hedor fuerte puede irritar sus ojos y afectar su visión.
  • Sus oídos son sensibles a sonidos fuertes.
  • Dado sus oídos sensibles, los gritos sonicos de los clones pueden afectarse entre ellos mismos.
  • Los clones deben volver a ser uno antes de transformarse devuelta en Ben o algún otro alien, de lo contrario cada clon tendrá múltiples personalidades.
  • Si un clon es herido no puede recuperarse luego de algunas transformaciones más tarde.
  • Como lo clones están hechos de silicon, podrían explotar debido a un poderoso rayo.
Petición hecha por :iconjsh66xx:
Conmission - Eyes at the moonlight
-GAROU [Rogurau (Werewolf in french)]
-Type: Dark
-The black wolf Pokemon
-Ability: Intimidate
-Dex info:  "This Pokémon live in deep and dark forests that go out exclusively to hunt MAREEPs, their favorite favor that takes of the farms, they are feared by the farmers who consider a plague."

-->Evolves with Dusk Stone<--

-GEVAROU [Gevaudan + Garou]
-Type: Dark/Psychic
-The dark forest Pokemon
-Ability: Intimidate, Alpha (In team fights if there are other pokémon canids in the team will get +1 to all their stats)
-Dex info:  "This Pokémon lives deep in the woods, rarely seen uses its powers to wrap itself in a mantle of shadows leaving only their red eyes to intimidate the enemy, are leaders and instinctive strategists so they usually lead packs of pokemon asHOUNDOOMs or MIGHTYENAs In well organized attacks because they did not usually get physically involved were considered legends until a shepherdess dealt with one"

This is a fakemon conmissioned by :iconpaconidas:, he wanted a fakemon based on Gevaudan Beast.
My top 15 Disney Villains
I wanted this to be a top 10, but I had many options.

15-Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia): One of Disney's most recent villains and an unexpected twist villain, like Judy, she too has been sidelined by predators and has lost control by turning various predatory Zootopia dwellers into wild animals to spread fear of the city, to have Power, and incriminate Mayor Lionheart to take his place. However, she is in this position, not because of her badness, but because, like some other Zootopia fans, I feel sorry for her character, clearly it was not her fault that she became evil. When I saw how Lionheart mistreated her, do not doubt twice that she would prove to be the antagonist of the film, since among so many twist villains, it is betraying that the villain is the battered assistant who does the hard work without any respect (Exemple, like Larry from The Princess and the Frog and Lightning from 101 Dalmatains 2), but At the same time I felt sorry for her, she is on the top not for being evil, but because I have affection, again wasnt her fault that she became evil.

14-Robert Gallaghan (Big Hero 6): Another villain that is part of an unexpected turn (The truth this already tires me, I prefer to know who is the villain from the beginning), but I admit that he looked so good in his villain costume, that is, a villain dressed in black with A Kabuki mask is a very original design, and the ability to handle the microbots made it better, since I like the idea of a villain with the power to create, however, like Bellwether, Robert Gallaghan is in this top Not only for his villainy, but because it also i feel sorry for him, since the reason for his evil, was a revenge after what Alistair Craig did with his daughter. It is normal that one fonds with a villain, no matter how evil, when he has suffered enough.

13-Morduh (Brave): Some of us can be sure that Morduh is not really a villain, we know that in reality he was a prince that as a consequence of a spell of becoming stronger I ended up becoming a monstrous bear, again, another villain for which I feel sorry, But at least unlike the other previous villains, Morduh had a happy ending because upon dying, the prince was finally released from the spell. but I also like the concept of this antagonist, that is, a large monstrous bear with a huge scar and several arrows stuck in his body is a good concept for an antagonist, at least more original than dragons or witches, and also was Inspiration for me to make Grayson from my  ZOOmbies project… I also admit, that something quite original is that the antagonist is not a person, or a clever animal, not even a thinking being, is very original that is only a wild beast that hunts and destroys by instinct, as far as I know, the only one Antagonist of this class was the Carnotaurus from Dinosaur.

12-Skrum (The Planet of the Treasure): From here I stop talking about villains who give pity, and speak of villains really evil that I like. Skrum is one of the really bad villains of one of the little-known Disney films, Skrum certainly has every aspect of being evil, that aspect of terrifying arachnid / crab is rather hackneyed, not to speak of its creepy and raspy voice, in addition That their way of dying was very unusual, it is known that most of the villains die falling into the void, but it is the only time that I see a villain falling up.

11-Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the frog): Always reconcile The Princess and the Frog as one of the last anamid movies in 2D, the strange truth is a lot of animated movies in the old way, but what I liked the movie, was this villain, a voodoo sorcerer with a very touch Similar to Jafar, and I also really liked his living shadow, similar to Peter Pan, not to mention that his way of dying was quite chilling, imagine being dragged to the beyond, and ending up in your own gravestone with your terrified face engraved on it.

10-AUTO (Wall E): I do not know if he was a villain of unexpected turn, or it was already known from the beginning that he would be the antagonist of the film, that is, it had all that aspect to the computer of A space odyssey, but anyway I like Much this robotic villain, that helm design combined with Glados was a good concept.

9-Doris (Meet the Robinsons): Another robot villain of my favorites, Doris is the typical robot originally designed to serve and help mankind who always discovers that he can do more to conquer humanity, the Arachnid hat aspect is a concept to my liking, not to mention his Way of dying, since as Louis was the creator of Doris in the future, when deciding to never create Doris, she disappeared because she would never exist.

8-Randall (Monsters Inc): During my childhood, Pixar films were always my favorite, and one of the villains of those films was Randall, quite malicious as a snake and the ability to change color as a chameleon, when I saw Monsters University, I looked very It was rare to see that Randall was very friendly and friendly knowing what he was doing now, but it was very interesting to reveal the reason for his rivalry against Sulley.

7-Jafar (Aladdin): I could not miss one of Disney's most famous classic villains, Jafar was always one of my all villains, a great sorcerer able to become a giant cobra, and be a very powerful genius, apart from not always in the sequel the same villain Appears twice.

6-Leroy (Lilo and Stitch): Stitch is undoubtedly my favorite Disney character, and seeing the series was a treasure, as seeing every different experiment in each episode was like watching Pokemon, but without a doubt, what I liked the end of this series was the Film with the appearance of a Doppelganster of Stitch, for lacking the classic evil copy.

5-King Kandy/Turbo (Wreck-It Ralph): The villain of my most favorite Disney films, the terrible Turbo, a terrible game character that obceys the attention, who tried to erase the code of Vanellope making it a mistake and to take his place as ruler of Sugar Rush and pass By King Kandy to cover his tracks. One thing for sure is that the protagonists of the movie are based on famous characters of games (For example, Ralph and Felix are based on Donkey Kong and Mario), we can assume that Turbo is based on the famous Creepypasta from videogames, especially when Was shown in his final boss form, which had many similarities to RED of Godzilla's creepypasta, another reason why I love this villain.

4-Oogie Boogie (Nightmare before Crhistmas): In addition to Stitch, Nightmare Before Christmas is a great treasure of my childhood, and one of the greatest works of stop motion, so Oogie Boogie is another of my favorite Disney villains, his song was very sticky, Which scared me very much when he died, when it was revealed that his whole body was made of insects and was falling off.

Being Disney, I will not only talk about movies, also series, and here we enter a podium of the villains of modern series but stupendous.

3-Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder): One of the most popular Disney Channel villains by fans, how many times did they see that other villains managed to destroy a planet? Because Dominator was able to destroy almost all the planets of the galaxy very easily, and I must also mention that she is very dear to the public in a certain way, because, I admit that many have dropped their jaw the first time it was revealed that Dominator is a girl, I seriously hoped she was a villain of very short stature as seen in that famous cliche, apart from many who wanted to know if she had a relationship with Lord Hater, why assume it, we did not seem strange that his Armor had several similarities to Lord hater? I guess the relationship with Lord Hatar was past Monkeyboy who was to be the villain of the third season. However, Lord Dominator takes the bronze medal for destruction and popularity.

2-Toffee (Star VS the forces of evil): Another villain beloved by many, and no wonder, Toffee proves that you do not have to have a bad look or a similar behavior to be villainous, he always shows with a very serious and calm behavior, perfect behavior of the perfect villain, and I found it quite interesting that he wanted Star's Wand just to destroy it, since something that a real villain would do, would destroy the character's weapon to leave him defenseless instead of always being able to lose it again and again. Besides that it was very interesting to reveal that Queen Moon fought against Toffee, and knowing that Star kept Toffee's missing finger in the closet, let's face it, would not you like that fingerto resurface another Toffee? No doubt Toffe takes the silver medal in behavior.

1-Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls): I'm sure that many wanted to talk about him, and is that Bill is the most frightening and most powerful villain of Disney, when you saw Gravity Falls had a rather unusual and obscure concept that makes you say "Seriously this is owned by Disney "And Bill is the master of terror, like tearing a deer's teeth, creating a screaming head and the time I own the body of Dipper he felt the physical pain, apart from that I see with much more power than any Another Disney villain, I can not imagine I would have done if I could escape from Gravity Falls, and since many villains end up dead, Bill certainly wins the Oscar for best death, and also the gold medal for terror and power.


carlos ramirez
necesito que alguien me diga los personajes de keroro land,con foto o dibujo,sexo datos y simbolo
necesito la imagen kl4 con las ranas de keroro land que me faltan
Given that I still have a thousand mergers for the project Biomnitrix Unleashed, I decided that I can also take advantage and make commissions. So that to accept immediately the suggestions that always ask me, I will collect the points by points and turn them into commissions in exchange for points:

Conmision by rizegreymon22
Bullet; GreenThe maximum number of fusions that can be ordered is three (bone, three points cost)
Bullet; GreenDont accept fusions from another class of aliens (Ultimates, predators, counterparts of alternate universes or aliens that dint appear in the series)
Bullet; GreenDont accept fusions more of two aliens
Bullet; GreenI will also make free fusions on my own so I do not have to charge for each fusion


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paconidas Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
como va el fakemon que te encargué?
Animefmly Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017
Even if you were interested and I don't have any points and I'm saying just to let you know or if you do change your mind my 3 fusions are Ampfibian + Peskey Dust Four Arms + Armodrillo and Whampire + Waybig but if you do change your mind these are for you
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How goes my Ben 10 Biomnitrix Unleashed commission?
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