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In the crossovers what matters are the stars by rizegreymon22
In the crossovers what matters are the stars
Just I come with a disgust after seeing the crossover "Thunder and Danger", i know, You might wonder why I bother to see something  by the stupid Dan Schnedier knowing that he is expert in no sense, stupidity and filling, it is because like I venture to see if only once, for if be aware and have proof that if it's bad. I thought never say this, but the TTG and PowerPuff girls reboot crossover was even better!, why? Well, it is normal that in some cartoons lack of sanity, intelligence and grace, besides suffering minus with this crossover that lasted 10 minutes, while this one lasted an hour! 

I better go to the point, in many comedies believe it is totally amazing and falsely spectacular when in a sitcom actor of another sitcom when the show is from the same channel and transmitted at the same time, it appears besides that the actor also stars in a TV movie and a music video.  in short that special appearance has nothing special because they are already quite seen.
But this thing is animated shows totally different, because being encouraged give the feeling that each is a universe, and seeing both shows together they are like a clash of worlds. Then, crossovers will mention famous fictional characters ever brought us a big smile:

-Power Rangers(In space) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
-Jimmy Neutron and the Fairy Odd Parents.
-The Flinstones and The Jetsons.
-Rugrats and the Wild Thonberries(Oh, and with Aaah! Real monsters)
-Crash Bandicoot and Spyro(Before and now)
-Super SMash Bros
-Generator Rex with Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
-Ben 10 Omniverse with the Secret Saturdays
-The Lilo & Stitch series with The Proud Family, Kim Possible, the Recess gang and Jake Long.
-Mortal Kombat and DC
-The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy with KND(I know that the show had other crossovers with other cartoons, but the rest are in bad taste.)
-Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa(No wait, that one is awful)
-Phineas and Ferb with Marvel heroes and Star Wars.
-Family GUy and the Simpsons
-The Simpsons and Futurama
-Futurama and Adventure Time(I know that this scene was very short, but all wanted to see Bender and Jake together)

I always said, any fictional character is much more recognizable than any star in real life.
My monster game idea(Still no name-INCOMPLETE) by rizegreymon22
My monster game idea(Still no name-INCOMPLETE)
This is my idea for a fighting game, as you know is fashionable lately spiritual successors of video games as MIghty no 9 and Yooka-Laylee, This is the idea of a spiritual successor to Darkstalkers, but adding the violence of Mortal Kombat, and the sadism of the prohibited game Thrill Kill. Like Mortal Kombat and Thrill Kill, the characters will have skins, but to no conflicts with both games, the characters can only have one Final Kill(I mean, one Fatality per character).

The problem is that, although not choose a name to call it  ....Ashamed I thought "Monster Smash" but thought something with more blood and horror in the name. any suggestions?

These are the characters, well, 6 of them, the total number of characters is 30 (31 if you count the final boss), I begin to send few monsters slowly, each character represents some kind of monster or creature in horror movies:

Species: Vampire.
Dracula, vampires.
Final kill: "Just a tiny bite" (She stands behind the opponent and opens her mouth in an exaggerated way with large fangs, and takes a big bite out of rival snatching much of the neck causing blood to gush, then what remains of the opponent's neck cannt support the head and winding break and fall.)
"Clara is one of the last vampires, she has been living for the last 400 years in an old mansion of aristocracy, but tired of all these luxuries, Clara decided to hide among humans to live independently as they, like living in a common house, work like everyone else and maybe find her better half to accompany her for eternity. But Clara must prepare to defend herself when in their way is other terrible monsters to fight should."

Species: Corpse-made man.
Frankenstein's monster.
Final kill: "Stormy BBQ" (Take a thin electric piston from his back with traversing the opponent, and then electrocuted until burn, later Frederic holds the piston and takes a bite to the charred body like a skewer.)
"Frederic was before a normal scientist who had a young daughter as his only family, lately Fred had planned to realize the crazy idea of Dr. Frankenstein, created a monster made with corpses and the only thing missing was the brain, but suddenly mercenaries entered his laboratory and also to steal Fred experiments, he was murdered and kidnapped his daughter. Fortunately, Fred's assistant managed to save his life, interplanting his brain into the body of his creation, now Fred's mission is to discover those mercenaries who worked for and rescue his daughter, using her new body to kill monsters."

Species: Skeleton.
Skeletons, undead knights(Also a old episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog).
Final kill: "Rest in Bones" (With his sword makes several cuts to the oponnet, and although it seems to have done something, few seconds later the oponnent's skin and flesh will fall as a banana peel, until only the bones and then fall off.)
"Lord Friedhof was once the most feared bandit, destroyed hundreds of villages, looting thousands of boots, and took the lives of millions of innocent people, this skeletal returned from the tomb thanks to a cursed sword he found before his death, he can stay alive thanks to the souls of those who kill with his sword. Friedhof now willing to return to be the biggest villain again in the present, and become even more."

Species: Slime.
The Blob.
Final kill: "Digest" (Becomes huge and swallows the opponent, then in his transparent stomach shown as the opponent is digested to disappear.)
"In an expedition to an ancient Aztec temple, grave robbers found the treasure of Bablimo, whom the Aztecs called if the terrible god of gluttony, the liquid destroyer trying to destroy everything in its path with his big appetite and to avoid its destruction was locked in a chest. The robbers ignored the warnings, and ended up freeing the terrible monster of slime and were eaten, now Bablimo not stop its appetite until it can fill the world of slime."

Species: Human.
Killer clowns, clownphobia.
Final kill: "Brain shake" (Get a huge hammer with which brake the opponent's head to open his head, then hits a straw in the brain and begins to sober opponent's blood and blowing bubbles as if it were a shake.)
"Alice went through a terrible trauma in her childhood, she herself how witnessed his parents came to blows with each other during a fight until the two were murdered leaving Alice as an orphan, the trauma caused a serious mental disorder that came to become highly sought a killer, the clown costume uses to look as cheerful and happy and try to avoid remember that terrible moment, but despite that huge smile even notice that Alice always suffers."

Species: Animatronic.
Final kill: "Welcome to the group" (Freddy disappears and then the opponent regains consciousness and tries find Freddy, Freddy until suddenly appears suddenly making a classic of its Jumpscares, making the opponent scream and the screen turns black. The next scene shows some part of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, showing an animatronic suit stuffed with the opponent's corpse.)
"All we know so much scary as murderer it is Freddy like his friends, but it is always the case but always though never leaves the pizzeria, in this story Freddy escapes from Freddy Fazbear's pizza to explore the world, and also become a machine of heart attacks abroad."

I want to thank :iconxamoel: by his way of drawing Figtning game roosters.

Hope you like!
My predictions of Senseis(Another Update!!) by rizegreymon22
My predictions of Senseis(Another Update!!)
Sure is my final decision of who are the battle classes and elements of the senseis of Skylanders: Imaginators, But before I talk about the new villains:

-Kaos: Kaos again appears as a playable character, but this time has its own figure, in the trailer shows that controls each of the battle classes, such as controls each element in Trap Team.

-Cortex:  always had the idea in my head that Cortex appeared as a special guest, but I did not expect this! clear what I find very strange, is it a  tech sorcerer, of course understand that his ray gun could levitate things like a magic wand, is that a tech sorcerer seems to me a very unusual combination.

Now if we talk about the other sensei, and that its possible element and battle class:

(UPDATE!!!!): It turned out that the hooded archer is actually a robot, Pain-Yatta is a smasher, Chompy Mage is a Bazooker, possibly Blastertron is the light villain and possibly Grave Clobber is another Brawler (hope I'm wrong)

-King Pen(Water)
-Air Strike(Air)

-Grave Clobber(Water): 
I do not think it possible that there are two senseis with the same battle class in the same element

-Mysticat(Magic):iThe reason that he can be a sorcerer, is no explanation why there must be a sorcerer in the magic element
-Pit Bos(Undead): 
He also has an aspect of sorcerer, seeing his hood and his face snake.
-Golden Queen(Earth)

-Tri Tip(Earth)


-Hooded archer(Tech)
-Maked beast(Magic): 
Now i think is a magic sensei insteand Light

-Water girl quickshooter(Water)
-Remaining Light Sensei



-Hood Sickle(Dark)



-Boom Bloom(Life): I say this only by her pose

-Tae Kwon Krow(Fire)

-Flarewolf(Fire): I say this only by her pose
-Remaining Dark sensei

-Chompy Mage(Life)

-Robot samurai(Tech)

-Bad Juju(Air)

Zoombies: Pirro by rizegreymon22
Zoombies: Pirro
Aka: Jawmageddon
Team: Brazil
Likes: Eat
Dislikes: Dont eat

Pirro is a real psychopath, a small monster! the most murderous piranha of the world, not explained how he died! This monster eats everything it finds and does not leave crumbs, the only thing that resists sharp teeth that ball for hamster full of water, if there is no water would come out foam from his mouth, not ever open it!

  • Pirro's name was chosen because sounds like Piranha.
  • Is one of the few no dinosaur Zoombies who dont speak
Alias: Mandigedon
Equipo: Brazil
Gustos: Comer
Disgustos: No comer

Pirro es todo un psicopata, un monstruo de menor tamaño! la piraña mas asesina del mundo, no se explica como murio! este monstruo come todo lo que encuentra y no deja ni las migajas, lo unico que resiste sus afilados dientes es esa bola para hamster llena de agua, si no hubiera agua saldria espuma de su boca, ni se te ocurra abrirla!

  • El nombre de Pirro lo escogí por que suena como piraña
  • Es uno de los pocos Zoombies no dinosaurios que no hablan.


carlos ramirez
necesito que alguien me diga los personajes de keroro land,con foto o dibujo,sexo datos y simbolo
necesito la imagen kl4 con las ranas de keroro land que me faltan…

This is dedicated to all fans of Ben 10 once resisted not take two aliens in the series and merge, all thanks to other inspirations like "Doctor Animo and the mutant ray" DNA lab and the Biomnitrix.

-It's simple, you just have to publish one of your functions in one page, for fun or more variety also draw pictures of how it would look in the style of the other series of Ben 10, and post your description, multipronged attacks and weaknesses.
-To say that a fusion or headcanon property is yours, just put your Deviantart username in the title between brackets in the title(for example: Stinkarms (RZGMN22)) and also put into categories your username in gategories.


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