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Biomnitrix Unleashed - Grey Chill by rizegreymon22 Biomnitrix Unleashed - Grey Chill by rizegreymon22

Bullet; GreenName: Grey Chill
Bullet; GreenFusion between: Grey Matter and Big Chill.
Bullet; GreenSpecies:  ½ Galvan  ½  Necrofiggian (Galvafiggian).
Bullet; GreenPlanets: Galvan Prime/ Kylmyys
Bullet; GreenAbilities:  
  • Has super inteligence.
  • Can scale on walls.
  • His small size allows him to enter in small areas
  • Blows a cryogenic wind
  • Can fly
  • Can become intangible to traverse beings and solid objects.
  • Can become invisible.
  • Can freeze anything when traspass it.
  • Has great resistance to high or low temperatures.
  • Can survive underwater and in the vacuum of space.

Bullet; GreenWeaknesses: 
  • Isnt good melee because of his small size.
  • Doesnt have Big Chill's strong teeth.
  • Can't use his intangibility if he is caught off guard.
  • Is weak to electricity.
  • Cant cross other intangible beings
  • Is Omnivarocious and Hipnotick' natural prey.
Conmissioned by :iconjsh66xx:


Bullet; GreenNombre: Frio Gris
Bullet; GreenFusión entre: Materia gris y Frio.
Bullet; GreenEspecies:  ½ Galvan  ½  Necrofiggian (Galvafiggian).
Bullet; GreenPlanetas: Galvan Prime/ Kylmyys
Bullet; GreenHabilidades:  
  • Tiene super inteligencia.
  • Puede escalar paredes.
  • Su pequeño tamaño le permite entrar en pequeñas áreas
  • Sopla un viento criogénico
  • Puede volar
  • Puede ser intangible para atravesar seres y objetos sólidos.
  • Puede ser invisible.
  • Puede congelar cualquier cosa al traspasarla.
  • Tiene una gran resistencia a altas o bajas temperaturas.
  • Puede sobrevivir bajo el agua y en el vacío del espacio.

Bullet; GreenDebilidades: 
  • No es bueno en combate cuerpo a cuerpo debido a su pequeño tamaño.
  • No tiene los dientes fuertes de Frio.
  • No puede usar su intangibilidad si es atrapado desprevenido.
  • Es débil a la electricidad.
  • No puede traspasar  otros seres intangibles
  • Es la presa natural del Omnivarocious y Hipnotick.
Petición de :iconjsh66xx:
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Zigwolf Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DreadMach Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Whoa this is so cool, you do great work.
Khadim777 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
(?) ... Where is the omnitrix? 
- I was hoping for it to be on his chest because it wouldn't make any sense for it to be on his back because his wings are there. Unless it's on a part of one of his wings... and therefore could reveal itself when not in flight mode. 
rizegreymon22 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
On the back, the wings covered it
Khadim777 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
Okay, so did the omnitrix shrink, because if it's Grey Matter's omnitrix ... we should still be able to see the edge/side piece of it on top of Big Chill's wings on Grey Matter's back :P 
JSH66XX Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
I don't know if I'm right, but I'm guessing its on the back of his belt, seeing as how Grey Matter's is on his back and Big Chill's is on his belt, can't have it on his actual back though because of his wings, so yeah that's what I think anyway.
Khadim777 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
Yeah but imagine Jetray how is wings connect from his sides of torso to arms ... Big Chill's wings are on his entire back (Upper and lower) so Idk how the omnitrix could possibly be on the back of his belt with Big Chill's wings in the way. 
JSH66XX Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
Yes! My two favourite aliens, thanks a lot man :)
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