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Biomnitrix Unleashed - Toefreak by rizegreymon22 Biomnitrix Unleashed - Toefreak by rizegreymon22
Bullet; GreenName: Toefreak
Bullet; GreenFusion between: Ghostfreak and Toepick
Bullet; GreenSpecies:  ½ Ectonurite  ½ Unknown (Unknown Ectonurite hybrid)
Bullet; GreenPlanet: Anur Phateos/Unknown

Bullet; GreenAbilities:  
  • Can fly.
  • Can become intangible to traverse beings and solid objects.
  • Can become invisible.
  • Can possess other living beings.
  • From his sheet and face he reveal a tentacles with a powerful strenght, including those that come out of his helmet.
  • His face is even more horrible than Toepick's face, there's no beings with eyes that can watch is face without being terrified, fainting, vomiting or even go crazy
Bullet; GreenWeaknesses: 
  • Some solidifying substances can neutralize their intangibility and invisibility.
  • Is weak to fire and sunlight withouth is sheet.
  • Although can fly is not very agile or fast in the air.
  • cant possess beings that have no mind.
  • He cant even see his own face without being terrified.
  • The only who are immune to the effects of Toefreak's face are blind beings as the vulpimancers, or machines or robots thant lack artificial intelligence or emotions.
  • Since his face is much more frightening than Toepick, hw must take precaution, since whoever looks at it will probably suffer a mental trauma, even to die of a heart attack.
Conmissioned by :iconligr77:

Bullet; GreenNombre: Fantoepick
Bullet; GreenFusión entre: Fantasmático y Toepick
Bullet; GreenEspecies:  ½ Ectonurita  ½ Desconocido (Híbrido Ectonurita desconocido)
Bullet; GreenPlanetas: Anur Phateos/Desconocido

Bullet; GreenHabilidades:  
  • Puede volar.
  • Puede ser intangible para atravesar seres vivos y objetos sólidos.
  • Puede ser invisible.
  • Puede poseer otros seres vivos.
  • De su sabana y cara revela unos tentáculos con una gran fuerza, incluyendo los que salen de su casco.
  • Su rostro es aún más horrible que la cara de Toepick, no hay seres con ojos que pueda verle sin estar aterrorizado, desmayarse, vomitar o incluso volverse loco.
Bullet; GreenDebilidades: 
  • Algunas sustancias solidificantes pueden neutralizar su intangibilidad e invisibilidad.
  • Es débil a la luz del sol sin su sabana.
  • Aunque puede volar no es muy ágil o rápido en el aire.
  • No pueden poseer seres que no tengan mente.
  • Ni siquiera puede ver su propia cara sin estar aterrorizado.
  • Los únicos que son inmunes a los efectos de la cara de Fantoepick son seres ciegos como los vulpimancers, o máquinas o robots que carecen de inteligencia artificial o emociones.
  • Puesto que su cara es mucho más aterradora que Toepick, hay que tomar precauciones, ya que quien la mire probablemente sufrirá un trauma mental, incluso a morir de un infarto
Petición de :iconligr77:
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Fernikart57 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ma Vreedle still has seen worse apparently?
Tyron41 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
BenGray1997 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Just one glance can clog up my stomach for weeks.
Negaboss2000 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Student Artist

Get ready to have a scary moment
Regreme Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Interestin'. Though seems a bit too sluggish for my tastes. I do like the different eyes inclusion though. Interesting idea for that.
ligr77 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Ooooh I love it! I exactly love it!
Thermyon-Vulcronus Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
That's quite scary.
horrorcrusher Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Oh shit. 
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